A new petition is calling on Starz to end its relationship with 50 Cent after the rap mogul ridiculed Terry Crews on Instagram following his testimony to the U.S. Senate where Crews shared his personal experience as a victim of sexual assault.

“50 Cent is, in fact, a very powerful man in Hollywood. The rapper turned actor stars and produces in Starz’s most-watched show, “Power,” and last year the cable network announced that he had signed on to produce three more shows for the premium channel,” reads the petition. It continues, “Starz should send a message to the rapper and to all other potential producers and filmmakers that they will not tolerate this type of ignorance.”

50 Cent posted and deleted photos of Crews on Instagram.  A meme showed a picture of Crews flexing with the words “I got raped” and “My wife just watched” that was above a picture of Crews holding a rose in his mouth with the words “Gym time.”

He later addressed the controversy on Twitter:

Power, executive produced by 50 Cent, premieres for its latest season Sunday, July 1, on Starz.