The stars of Pose have showcased their talents throughout the legendary first season, but it was the episode featuring Mj Rodriguez and Billy Porter singing “Home” that made people take particular notice. With that kind of power on the roster, it only makes sense that the stars would be clamoring for a musical episode at some point in Pose‘s second season.

During the Fox TCA Party, Mj Rodriguez gave indication she’s up for an entire musical episode. “Hopefully that might be in the works,” she said to Variety.

Pose‘s co-creator Steven Canals also is also game for it.

“Here’s the really incredible thing about our cast: we really could do a musical episode because most of our cast could sing,” he said. “It’s something we should talk about…I love a good musical.”

“I would love a musical episode,” said Indya Moore, who co-stars with Rodriguez and Porter on the show. “I don’t think I can sing, but people have told me that they think I could probably sing. I want to believe them. I want to believe them real bad.”

Another tidbit: Angela Bassett wants to be a part of Pose too. According to Variety, she said she’d love to be a part of the show despite being a regular on several other Ryan Murphy-produced shows such as American Horror Story and 9-1-1. As Bassett told Variety, she’s “ready and willing to do it all.”

“I don’t know when, and I don’t know how, but I’m sure we can sneak it in. I would love to do that,” Bassett said.

Pose‘s second season is expected to return to FX sometime in 2019.