Spoilers for Season 2 of Pose below.

Get ready for another time jump.

Pose will jump forward in time to 1991 during the second season finale, creator Ryan Murphy revealed during a Pose discussion at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles, according to Deadline.

Murphy also reiterated something he has previously teased during this season’s press run–the series will have a definite conclusion several seasons down the line. Murphy envisions that the story will stop once the characters reach 1996, the year when AIDS medication was finally made more accessible to the masses.

The season finale’s time jump would be the second of such jumps that have happened this season. The first happened in the season premiere, bringing the viewers into where the characters are in 1990. The jump skipped an entire year from where we last left the characters, in 1989.

This season has also given viewers plenty of unexpected twists and turns, such as the death of Candy (Angelica Ross), a body in a trunk for Elektra (Dominique Jackson) and the surprising relationship between Ricky (Dyllón Burnside) and Pray Tell (Billy Porter). Clearly, with the second time jump coming, there are more unexpected moments coming that viewers will have to process.


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