Power star Michael Rainey Jr. was a recent victim of police brutality.

The Jasmine Brand reports that Rainey, who plays Tariq on the series, released an Instagram story showing a plainclothes Black police officer stopping him and accosting him to show his license. In the story, the officer’s hand is near his waist, as if he’s about to hold a gun.

“This guy was bout to shoot me I swear that camera saved my life,” Rainey wrote in the Instagram story. “Look what he does as soon as he looks into the lens. Someone please send his precinct or whatever if [you] know. These power-tripping ass police need they badge taken.”

Rainey wrote that it was an “unlawful traffic stop” and that the officer didn’t pull him over or tell him why he was being stopped.

“Just came to the whip yelling and shit with his hand on his gun,” Rainey continued. “This guy also said ‘Stop reaching’ while I was looking for my license. I guess he was tryna come up with a reason to shoot me.”

There’s no word on if the police officer has been reprimanded or had any action taken against him.