In the latest installment of our Reel It Back series, Tisha Campbell revealed some behind-the-scenes stories from several of her biggest roles.

Campbell revealed that while on the set of Martin, she and Tichina Arnold would constantly tease Thomas “Tommy” Mikal Ford, particularly when he would bring a girlfriend on set.

“Tommy was getting his life on the Martin show. When me and Tichina…would put our ears to the wall and hear what Tommy was up to next door…Whatever he would do we would mimic when he came back on the set…We were always teasing Tommy. He was easy to get.”

Campbell also talked about one of her early film roles as the nosy neighbor Yvonne in Boomerang. She revealed that one of her infamous quips predicting that Marcus (Eddie Murphy) would try to do “doggy style” on Jacqueline (Robin Givens) wasn’t originally in the script. It was an ad-lib Campbell borrowed from her boyfriend at the time.

“I was really nervous for this because there are a lot of comedians, it’s Eddie Murphy, I knew they were going to be ad-libbing. I had been running around, prior to getting there, trying to figure out, ‘I need some ad-libs…or something prepared,'” she said. “So at one point, my boyfriend had said, ‘Why don’t you say, what you’re going to do, doggy style?’ Something like that. And I was like, ‘That’s not funny, and that’s okay. I don’t need your help. I’m good.’

I’m in rehearsal with Eddie, Robin, Reggie [director Reginald Hudlin] is there, and I say, ‘What’chu ’bout, my height, my size, my weight, doggy style.’ And everybody stopped, and it felt like the longest time and they were just looking at me…And then all of a sudden, Eddie falls out onto the couch, Robin’s dying laughing.”

There are more stories from some of Campbell’s other roles, including Spike Lee’s School Daze and Damon Wayans’ sitcom My Wife and Kids, in the video below.


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