A lawsuit has the hosts of Good Morning America, Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos, feuding according to a new Daily Beast report.

The report states that sources at ABC have told The Daily Beast that a lawsuit claiming former GMA senior executive producer Michael Corn sexually assaulted multiple women at ABC. One of the women is Kirstyn Crawford, a producer who works closely with Stephanopoulos on GMA and claims Corn assaulted her four years ago. Corn and ABC are fighting against the allegations.

The feuding between the hosts, however, comes from Roberts allegedly insinuating that Stephanopoulos did nothing to help Crawford after she had informed him of her assault. On a team-wide call, Roberts said, “If this happened to someone on my team, I woul have burned the place down.” The statement was told to Stephanopoulos, who was self-isolating after his daughter was diagnosed with the coronavirus. Sources said that the comment made Stephanopoulos “livid.” Staffers at ABC News also aren’t sure if Stephanopoulos did his part to help Crawford after being told of her experience.

Roberts is also described as being “incensed” about the network’s stance on the lawsuit and Stephanopoulos’ rumored lack of response to the issue when the assault was first made known to him. She has also told other ABC execs about her feelings, according to those who work with her. However, when The Daily Beast asked about bad feelings between the two hosts, ABC spokesperson Caragh Fisher said the two are “fine.”

“She told him personally that she wasn’t referring to him and called the team the next day to reiterate that her comment was not about any one individual,” said Fisher.

Regardless, ABC employees are upset about the allegations and their network’s handling of the situation. One news staffer, Shelley Ross, told the outlet that if ABC didn’t already have so many employees working remotely, “I’d recommend a walk-out or all declare a mental health day off until management, Disney management promises to publish a full accounting of who knew what and when, who followed up and who didn’t, what was done and what should have been done.”