A millennial favorite has returned. If you are a lover of everything luxurious and swank, then more than likely you are familiar with MTV’s popular show, Cribs.

MTV Cribs premiered in 2000, granting access inside some of the hottest celebrities and athletes’ residences. Equipped with the proverbial refrigerator checks, “where the magic happens” shout outs and vehicle collections, MTV Cribs took viewers on a personal tour of some of the most extravagant homes imaginable.

21 years after its initial episode, MTV Cribs has rebooted the cult classic. Wednesday night’s episode featured NBA baller, Nick “Swaggy P” Young, socialite Jordyn Young and the queen of homemaking, Martha Stewart.

Nick Young welcomed viewers to his 5-bedroom, 6-bath estate that he shares with his fiancé, Keonna Green and three adorable children. Young is most proud of his digital toaster, epic movie room and souped up Ford Bronco and Tesla Model X that the kids care absolutely nothing about (check the interior). Young jokes about his fiancé disliking a mirror his mother bought and reminds his daughter to not snitch on the younger sibling because “snitches get stitches.” The essential “where the magic happens” is cut short with Keonna dismissing the claim that any magic happens at all. Before the bedroom tour ends, Young displays his guitar skills with a tribute to his former life of being out there before a fiancée and three kids slowed him down.

Viewers were then taken to the city of Calabasas, California to catch up with Jordyn Woods and her impressive collection of luxury handbags. The center of Woods’ beautiful abode is her cozy living room . Afraid to live by herself, Woods’ mother, Elizabeth, has constant access with a key. Woods’ farm style home features a spacious kitchen where she collects the secret sauces of her fave restaurants. The neutral themes in her home continue into the spacious bedroom where the magic happens, but the Hermès (Air-mez) Birkin collection is the show stopper. Her favorite is a rich, green alligator-embossed number. The collection showcase is brought to an end with a delivery of goods referring to Woods’ cancellation.“ The only person that can cancel you is God and God isn’t going to cancel you” was a good word from Sister Woods. She finishes up her home tour with a peek at her sneaker collection and fashion in the downstairs area of her home.

If you thought Young and Woods’ homes were a great way to kick off the episode, the Queen of Homemaking, Martha Stewart, welcomed viewers to her farm estate. And is everything you could have imagined, including the free range animals that roam. The farm has seven homes including the winter home that is complete with several sitting areas, plenty of live plants and 14 blue canaries. The kitchen has to be the selling point. Stewart does not disappoint with kitchen tour. Appearing as a fine restaurant’s commercial kitchen with beautiful copper pots and commercial grade appliances, the real magic happens there. Stewart hops in a cart and takes viewers to her stable where they are introduced to several of her thoroughbreds. She closes the tour out with a tour of her memory room that houses her Emmys and memorable moments.

MTV Cribs has never been right on time. The show airs Wednesdays on MTV.