After five seasons on HBO, iconic TV series The Wire ended in March 2008. In celebration of the series, which featured a mostly Black cast and provided some of the most prolific moments in on-screen history–but was never awarded during its tenure–Shadow And Act is showing love to The Wire and the actors that made the series so unforgettable.

On the latest episode of Rewind the Scene, The Wire star Andre Royo sat down with Shadow And Act to break down the scene when his character, Reginald “Bubbles” Cousins, finally gets clean from drugs.

At first, Royo said he didn’t know how he was going to play Bubbles, a drug addict, as a clean man. But, he told himself, “You’ve been playing this Reginald Cousins…for a long time. You ain’t gotta act.”

Arroyo used his experience playing the character to give Bubbles an honest moment of standing in front of his support group to tell his testimony. Royo said hearing Bubbles’ full name made him feel differently about where the character was in his life.

“It made me laugh a little bit but it also gave me a feeling of power, that I’m stepping into a certain happiness that I’m clean, a certain happiness that I made it through. I don’t know how long it’s going to last, you never do, but for right now, I’m as clean as I’ve ever been. That felt really, really cool.”

Check out more about the scene in the video above, including the personal memories of Royo’s late childhood friend that helped him with the scene.


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