Fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta have been pushing for the return of self-proclaimed southern belle Phaedra Parks since her Season 9 firing but some have since turned against her. The Bible-thumping attorney is in hot water after her recent comments toward Lil Nas X.

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She apparently expressed her distaste for Lil Nas X’s internet-breaking performance at the 2021 BET Awards. The openly gay rapper performed an Egyptian-inspired performance to his song “Montero.” At the end of the performance, he planted a kiss on one of his male performers. 

The jaw-dropping moment received thousands of reactions, including support from Diddy. But not everyone felt it was appropriate.

One Instagram user posted a video ranting against Lil Nas X’s performance, mainly the kiss. Per Screenrant, the user said in the video “as gay men we got to do better.” A Reddit user shared a screenshot showing that the video received a comment of support from Parks, who wrote “FACTS.” 

Some are now calling out Parks and accusing her of being homophobic. Others are saying she now can stay off RHOA.

“Tell me again why she’s a queen who needs to come back?,” one Redditor asked. 

“Thank you. Phaedra may be funny but as of now, her behind can stay gone,” added another. else. 

“Shade get’s a lot less fun when you realize it comes from a truly malicious person though,” another chimed in.

No word yet if the rumors of Parks returning to RHOA are of any substance.