The highly anticipated hair-pulling session between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard Bassett on The Real Housewives of Potomac has finally aired and the streets say Monique is dead wrong. For nearly 10 episodes, the buildup between the two former friends has many viewers still confused as to what the true issue is. 

According to Samuels, Dillard Bassett aligned herself with former foes who attempted to bring the Samuels family down. Dillard Bassett denies such and as episodes have played out, viewers have watched her attempt to mend fences, walk away from escalating arguments, and apologize to Samuels more times than not.

The two got into a heated debate while wine drunk about the status of their friendship. The argument was instigated by none other than ½ of the so-called “green-eyed bandits,” Gizelle Bryant. Once again, Dillard Bassett took the high road as Samuels drew insults about her being immature and unable to take accountability because she doesn’t have children.

Whether it was the buzz from the wine or Samuels’ clear frustration over dealing with her co-stars’ jealousy of her over the past four years, she unleashed on Candiace. Mrs. Dillard-Bassett got the dragging she asked for.

Samuels insists she was provoked and simply lost her cool but Twitter isn’t buying it, and neither is Dillard Bassett. In recent interviews reflecting on their fight, Dillard Bassett says Samuels was looking for a confrontation with her, despite her attempts to diffuse the situation multiple times prior. Twitter seems to agree.

Unlike Sunday’s episode, Monique is the one being dragged all across Beyoncé’s internet.

Regardless of Twitter’s feelings, Samuels is doubling down on her belief that Dillard Bassett got what she asked for. Samuels says she does regret that things got physical but says the experience forced her to do the personal work on herself necessary to avoid the same outcome in the future. Iyanla Vanzant would be proud.


Photo: Bravo