The Real Housewives of Potomac‘s Robyn Dixon is one of the only housewives who steer clear of common entrepreneurial endeavors. Unlike other housewives who start clothing lines, makeup lines, and skincare lines, Dixon has found success in flipping houses, demolitions, and now has a hat line.

She says she started her own hat line after she began designing her own and getting compliments from strangers on her designs. As a result, Embellished by Robyn Dixon was born. The line features hats, baseball-style caps, in a variety of prints and patterns. 

Dixon says her hat line is for the everyday woman of any age and profession and to prove such, she enlisted the help of her co-stars for a promotional photoshoot to showcase the variety.

While on a cast trip to Portgual, Dixon premiered the website for the line, which featured shots from the cast shoot. All were excited to see their prints, except Karen Huger, as she was left out of the final edits on the site. 

As for why Dixon decided to give Huger the ax, she says Huger’s photos did not come out right, nor did they fit the overall look she had in mind. “When I looked at it, I just felt like it didn’t match the rest of the website,” Dixon explained.

Upon discovering such in front of the group, Huger put on a brave face. “I’m good,” Huger responded. She also jokingly tossed Dixon’s hat to the ground during her confessional.

Huger has her own businesses to cater to anyway, including a fragrance line and a newly-launched wig line, which she promoted on The Wendy Williams Show while throwing some playful shade at Dixon.

“Ageism needs to be erased because let’s talk about it. We were taught to be a different 50, okay? And it’s not a midlife crisis, it’s a midlife celebration, and we’re doing the dang thing,” she said. “That’s Robyn who was doing the age-shaming and shame on her. Again, they don’t understand because they don’t have the wisdom that we mature women have. Now, Robyn is a hard 40, and lookin’ every day of it, but…I really feel like she shot herself in the foot with this because we 50-year-olds can afford her product. In fact, the 20-year-olds that wanna buy Robyn’s hats come to their mama for the money, so she just shot herself in the foot.”

She continued, “I took time out of my business schedule, Wendy, to do that for her and she did not pay me. I come at a high price. But I’m not gonna say to not buy Robyn’s hats. Teach her a hard lesson and buy her hats, support her please, she needs the help.”

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