Candiace Dillard Bassett isn’t fighting Monique Samuels back with her hands – she’s using the law instead. Following the former BFF’s hair-pulling tussle at a Potomac based winery, both women are trying to figure out how their once-close friendship ended with broken wine glasses and discombobulated wigs.

The last episode showed Samuels’ fail at a come to Jesus moment with her co-stars, sans Dillard Bassett, in her attempt to explain how things went left on her end. Once Samuels’ admitted that she was not remorseful for her actions at the time, all of her co-stars – with the exception of Ashley Darby and Karen Huger – made it clear that they wanted no parts of Samuels until she changed her stance.

During the pow wow, Samuels’ informed her castmates that she was on a journey of self-reflection and self-discovery to ensure that nothing similar transpired again. This journey included meeting with her pastor for spiritual affirmation and wisdom.

In a preview clip for an upcoming episode, Samuels’ pastor holds her accountable. Explaining that Dillard Bassett got a beating that she didn’t deserve as a result of Samuels not dealing with trauma from childhood bullying coupled with dealing with constant criticism from her “friends” on the show. Samuels’ defense mechanism also derives from her own mother-in-law, who does not find her to be suitable for her retired NFL player son.

“In your own mind, you are ideal, but around this group of women — they are not impressed with your own perfection and that causes you disdain,” Samuels’ pastor tells her. “It’s something you need to reconcile inside of you.”

An emotional Samuels agrees, saying, “What you’re saying is right. There was a lot of pressure building up inside me that had nothing to do with her…She [Dillard Bassett] didn’t deserve that…I need to sit down and talk to her. I need to apologize to her.” Samuels’ husband Chris also wants to have a sit down with Dillard Bassett and her husband, as the foursome spent ample time together.

Elsewhere, Dillard Bassett has little sympathy, especially after learning Samuels lacked remorse when speaking with the group. She’s pressing charges and wants Samuels prosecuted to the fullest extent…even if that means jail time. The rest of the group don’t appear to support Dillard Bassett’s wish for Samuels to wear an orange jumpsuit, but Dillard’s mother does. 

Karen Huger also admits that she told Dillard Bassett to explore her legal options, but insists she’s hoping for resolution for the two former friends.

 How things will end up will play out the remainder of the season. RHOP airs Sundays on Bravo at 9 pm EST.


Photo: Bravo