So, are you Team Wendy or Mia?

As we’ve seen so far, Wendy Osefo hasn’t been the biggest fan of her new co-star Mia Thornton this season of The Real Housewives of Potomac. She threw jabs at Thornton’s list of plastic surgery during the premiere episode and is continuing with the shade in the latest episode.

The two women got into a heated exchange during episode 2. Osefo felt Thornton’s defense of Gizelle Bryant during her argument with Karen Huger was out of place since Thornton is a friend of Huger’s and new to the group.

After Huger called Bryant a liar, Thornton interjected, telling Huger: “Let me say something though, because I know you, I love you, I respect you, I have my own relationship with you,” she said. “But I’m just meeting Gizelle and I’m a good judge of character and she has a beautiful heart.” 

Osefo revealed in her confessional that she was caught off guard. During a later meet-up among the ladies, Thornton changed her tune after learning more about the issues between Huger and Bryant and a comment about Huger’s husband that hurt Huger. Osefo was set off.

“But Mia you were the one talking about how Gizelle has this great character and all of this stuff and now you’re saying that she’s a real boss, it seems like your tone is changing,” she said. 

“Karen said that ‘Mia, if you guys mesh, mesh, if you don’t mesh then don’t, but don’t not mesh on account of me,'” Thornton explained. “So I wasn’t not meshing with her, but, you know, anytime you’d wish death on someone’s husband, I have to reevaluate whether or not Gizelle has a good character.” 

“Now you don’t think her character’s good?” Osefo asked. 

“It’s questionable,” Thornton responded. 

“Are you really that type of person? Like okay so you’re just a pretty face,” Osefo asked in her confessional. 

The two continued arguing, with Osefo saying it was too soon for Thornton to make a fair judgement. After interjecting and trying to explain her side, Osefo told Thornton to “be quiet and listen” which didn’t go over well. Osefo warned Thornton not to “come for her,” which Thornton insisted she was not trying to do.

​​The back and forth continued until Thornton put her hand near Osefo’s face, prompting Osefo to say, “Don’t do that. Don’t put your hand in my face.” 

“Well it’s in your face, what are you gonna do about it?” Thornton asked before Huger once again chimed in to mediate.

Whew, chile!

RHOP airs every Sunday on Bravo.