Wendy Osefo gave herself what she says is a much-needed treat. The Real Housewives of Potomac star says after breastfeeding her three children, her body needed a tune-up. During the Season 6 premiere, a noticeable enhanced Osefo said during her confessional:

“I felt as though there was a point in my life when I realized I’m living for my children. I’m not living for myself,” she said. “After I was done pumping with [my youngest] Kam, I said to myself, what am I going to do for me?” she explained. “I said, ‘It’s time that you do something for yourself and something that makes you happy.’ So I want to introduce you guys to my new friends, [Happy & Ness].”

She revealed her new boobs to her co-stars with a “Nude Interlude” dinner party at her Maryland home. But her castmates, namely Karen Huger, said boobs wasn’t the only thing Osefo touched when she went under the knife. According to Huger, Osefo looked “refreshed,” Robyn Dixon also alleged that Osefo’s butt looked larger, but during the episode, Osefo only stated that she had a few other “tweaks” and wouldn’t divulge. There was also hints of a potential tummy tuck during Osefo’s post-opp appointment. 

But now the reality star doctor is saying that they edited out her confessional that she indeed had other procedures done. 

“They are so shady,” Osefo tweeted about editing and her co-stars. “I told the ladies at The Nude Interlude dinner that I had a breast augmentation AND bbl [Braziliant Butt Life]. Not sure why they did not show that. But yes, loving my bobbies AND booty. #RHOP” she confessed.

Welp, there ya have it!

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