Mary Cosby of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City just can’t stay out of the headlines. In addition to her controversial marriage with her stepgrandfather who is more than 20 years her senior, Cosby has made quite a few remarks regarding race that have caused a stir.

Cosby, who is Black, infamously told her co-star Jen Shah during an episode, “If I go to a 7-11 and I see Black people, I go to a different 7-11.”

She later attempted to clarify her remarks during the reunion special, telling host Andy Cohen “I said I have a fear when guys are standing out in front of a convenience store.”

When Cohen asked if she was specifically referring to Black men, Cosby responded in circles by saying, “I’m black. My son is black.”

She then took things a step further, revealing she’s not attracted to Black men. “My taste of black guys, that’s not my taste…”

When Cohen reminded Cosby that her husband is Black, she responded, “Well, he’s white…yeah, I mean lighter…He’s black but my preference is lighter guys…I need to improve on the way I convey things…The way I say things can come across offensive. I think all colors of black are beautiful and I’m proud of it and I’m proud of my culture.”