In light of the recent release of Lifetime’s trailer for its upcoming Salt-N-Pepa biopic, news about how Pepa’s daughter wanted to be a part of the film has come back to the forefront.

According to BET, Pepa’s daughter Egypt Criss auditioned to play her mother in the film, but didn’t make the cut.

“Let me tell you the funny thing,” said Pepa on The Real. “When I was prepping her to play me, I was like practicing with her…When she went for the audition–because you know I’m going to let her do the whole process–she came back out like, ‘Mom everything you taught me was wrong.'”

Criss also said that what the casting team wanted from the audition “was the opposite” of what her mother had told her. “I was like, ‘They [the casting team] didn’t want it like that,’ it was the opposite,” she said.

However, Criss will still be in the film as a different role other than her mother. Laila Odom, on the other hand, will play Pepa (aka Sandra Denton) and G.G. Townson will play Salt (aka Cheryl James). Mario Van Peebles directs, with Abdul Williams, the screenwriter for The New Edition Story, responsible for the script. Both Denton and James are executive producing the film, which will premiere on Lifetime this year.


WATCH: ‘Salt-N-Pepa’ Biopic Trailer Released By Lifetime


Photo: Getty Images

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