Netflix’s Selling Sunset has been such a hit that the franchise has branched out to the Sunshine State.

Selling Tampa, which premieres on Dec. 15 on the streaming platform, follows a group of Black and Latinx women in the luxury real estate business.

Under Allure Realty, a boutique all-Black, all-female agency owned by Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson’s fiance Sharelle Rosado, the women prove they are a force to be reckoned with. They refuse to allow being the minority in the competitive field to stop them from closing million-dollar deals in one of the top markets in the country. 

But Rosado admits being at the top of their game comes with its challenges.

“Just being women in general, Black women, let’s be real, a lot of people feel like we can’t get in that luxury market,” Rosado told Shadow and Act in a recent interview. “Even our own people don’t feel like they have the courage to step into that market. And I wanted to change that and show that we can do it just as good.”

The retired Army veteran runs her business with a firm hand. There’s a mixture of seasoned and newer agents, and they range in age as well, which can cause conflict at times. During the first few episodes, some agents clash over things such as what the appropriate attire for a cocktail event is. Others have a difficult time finding their voice in business meetings where they disagree on business policies and procedures.

Anne-Sophie Petit and Colony Reeves, two of the younger agents, jokingly refer to the age gap as the “aunties versus the nieces.” They believe the conflict is natural due to the generational gap. 

“We’re younger, they’re a little older, and it’s a different perspective…especially when it comes to wardrobe,” Reeves explained. “We’ll see Juawana [Williams] sometimes doesn’t really agree with some of the choices Anne and I may make, but to me, I feel like you’re probably mad that you can’t wear it.”

Regardless, all of the women are committed to being the best at what they do and to help put Allure on the map.

The show also stars Tennille Moore, Alexis Williams, Karla Giorgi and Rena Frazier.

Catch the full interview below where all eight ladies talk to us about difficult discussions in business, what makes an Allure Realty agent stand out, respecting Rosado and more.