The Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg-produced film Good Boys is under fire for putting a black child actor in what appears to be blackface.

Complex reports from a TMZ scoop that the actor was a stand-in for 11-year old actor Keith L. Williams while he was on break. The stand-in is shown wearing darker makeup on his face, as well as an afro wig and a fat suit. It’s reported that the incident made at least one person on set uncomfortable, leading to a complaint. The producers are now looking into the matter. The boy’s father, who is “a longtime stunt performer” and is also on the set, according to TMZ’s sources, “is offended by the claims being made regarding his son.”

The production company behind the film, Good Universe, told TMZ it’s “not uncommon for lighting puproses to match actors’ skin tones,” doubling down on their assertion that the incident was not blackface. However, TMZ spoke with others in the industry who say that casting directors often cast stand-ins who match the actors’ skin tones.

Good Boys, starring Jacob Tremblay, Midori Francis, Molly Gordon, and Brady Noon alongside Williams, follows a group of 12-year-olds who go on a mission into the city to fix their toy drone before their parents get back home. The film will be in theaters Aug. 16, 2019.