During Shadow And Act’s most recent Locked Down With ____ episode with DJ “Shangela” Pierce, the drag superstar revealed more about his upcoming HBO reality series with drag queens and fellow RuPaul Drag Race alums Bob the Drag Queen and Eureka, We’re Here.

“It’s good. It’s like an emotional roller coaster,” he said, comparing it to Six Flags. Pierce compared him and his co-stars to Charlie’s Angels, saying that what they produced for the show was magical.

“We’re going across America to small towns and help them realize their best selves. We’re like mentors, we’re drag mothers, but we’re not making them over in any way,” he said. “This show is about connecting with them on a personal level, going through their life to help them really express themselves the way they want to and achieve an emotional breakthrough through the drag.”

Pierce also said the trio “have to produce a one night only show in these small towns that ain’t never had no one night only show before.”

Overall, fans can expect heart and fun in this new series, which premieres April 23 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.


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Photo: HBO