Lily James gets schooled on the differences between white and brown life in an exclusive clip from the upcoming romantic film What’s Love Got To Do With It?

While it shares the same name as the Tina Turner biopic, don’t expect the same trauma on screen. But do expect to learn more about interracial relationships and the tough conversations that can occur, which happens between James’ character Zoe and Shazad Latif’s character Kaz, who tells Zoe how he as a person of Pakistani heritage is always expected to represent an entire group of people for global issues such as terrorism or other forms of crime.

The film follows Zoe, a documentarian who meets back up with Kaz to film his journey toward arranged marriage. Here’s more about the film.

How do you find lasting love in today’s world? For documentary-maker and dating app addict Zoe (Lily James), swiping right has only delivered an endless stream of Mr. Wrongs, to her eccentric mother Cath’s (Emma Thompson) dismay. For Zoe’s childhood friend and neighbour Kaz (Shazad Latif), the answer is to follow his parents’ example and opt for an arranged (or “assisted”) marriage to a bright and beautiful bride from Pakistan. As Zoe films his hopeful journey from London to Lahore to marry a stranger, chosen by his parents, she begins to wonder if she might have something to learn from a profoundly different approach to finding love.

What’s Love Got To Do With it? comes to theaters May 5.