A moving short film just premiered over at Short of the Week.

And Nothing Happened was written, directed and edited by Naima Ramos-Chapman.

It centers around a young woman living in the aftermath of sexual assault, running through a range of emotions. The short brings the viewer inside her realm, with a unique cinematic viewpoint.

It is Ramos-Chapman’s (who is a rape survivor herself) debut short.

The film is produced by Chloe Olman, Terence Nance and Elise Peterson, with cinematography by Nance and with by Ramos-Chapman.

A description of the film: “A young woman awakens one day to find an inverted black hole sucking all of existence into its vacuous nothingness mounted on her bedroom ceiling. She goes about her morning routine in an effort to return things back to the way they were before the phenomenon appeared. Unfortunately, more curious things happen as she inches closer to leaving her apartment to face the day. A sideshow of her exasperation seeps into the mundanities of everyday life—eating, getting dressed, grooming—throwing our protagonist into an eternal balancing act as she struggles to juggle the routinized, the melodramatic, the cathartic and the extraordinary in an act, she fears, can last forever.”

Ramos-Chapman says, “And Nothing Happened is an autobiographical account but it’s also a search for answers in how to articulate the emotional costs in the aftermath of rape. I hope the film understand how sexualized violence infects and interacts with all facets of our society from the bureaucracies and institutions that are designed to facilitate repair to the very mundane interactions we have with our families and ourselves in spaces deemed “safe.” I hope this film will offers healing and other ways to talk about how we can.”

Check the film out at Short of the Week.