Speller Street Films and Alter Eye Cinemaworks have partnered together to release the dramatic short film White Face. The film, which was officially rolled out on Independence Day on Vimeo, was timed explicitly with the patriotic holiday “to question what Frederick Douglass eloquently asked: ‘What is the 4th of July to the Negro?'”

The film, written, directed by, and starring Mtume Gant is described as “bold and gently surrealistic.” It focuses on a black actor who hates himself to the point of changing his entire appearance to one that evokes whiteness, and not just any white person, but President of the United States Donald Trump.

Per the official description: White Face is the story of New York actor Charles Rodgers (Gant), a man who hates his black skin and all the hardship that comes with it. Feeling trapped by his race, Charles believes he has found the solution to his problems — change his appearance to embody ‘whiteness’ — erase all that he has ever been and join the group he believes he should be a part of. But is this even possible?


White Face considers itself “a literal commentary on the struggles actors of color have in conservatory programs where they are often encouraged to ‘ignore’ their racial background in favor of adopting a dangerous, hollow nationalistic identity of ‘American.'” The film also wants its audience to question the notion of race and what constitutes race and identity.

White Face also stars Kara Young, Frank Deal, and Valentine Bureau. You can watch White Face via Vimeo On Demand.