This is installment #8 of Shadow And Act’s #ShortFilmShoutout series.

The beauty supply store is a place that helps to define Black women’s lives in more ways than one. Black Girl Church aims to break down why this store is a staple not only in Black beauty, but Black women’s coming-of-age.

The 25-minute short film is directed by Audrey Williams and Marissa Pina and includes interviews with NYLON senior entertainment editor Sesali Bowen and Sade Ogunkeyede, the owner of the first Black-owned beauty supply store in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Brownsville. Other interviews include NYC-based beauty vlogger Avielle Amor, beauty blogger/vlogger Kelly Augustine, The Breathing Space‘s Leeza Jonee and writer Marjon Carlos. The film gives viewers a look at why the beauty supply store is both a special place for Black women as well as a place that can reinforce stereotypes.

“We don’t often see our stories being told by us and for us,” said Pina to Essence. “There’s something here, there’s a larger issue. When we started interviewing all the women in the film they all started saying ‘but why don’t we own them?'”

The filmmakers hope to partner with Black-owned businesses to showcase the film directly to the women who inspired it. According to Essence, the film will be screened in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Los Angeles and New York City. There’s also a possible screening in Cleveland during the film’s short U.S. tour before it goes to Amsterdam. There’s also the hope that the film will get picked up by Netflix, another streaming service or even a film festival.

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