This is installment #26 of Shadow And Act’s #ShortFilmShoutout series.

Jezebel director Numa Perrier wowed viewers five years ago with Florida Water, a six-minute short film set after the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

The short film puts the devastation of Haiti into a dreamlike context as the film follows a collective of women, dressed in red, as they travel through the country and spread a sense of humanity and the possibility of rebuilding community amid the pain.

Perrier tweeted about the film recently, writing that she wrote, directed and shot “in Port Au Prince just 2 weeks after the earthquake.” With her and Arthur Jafa’s cinematography, Florida Water is able to shine a light on Haiti’s resilience amid nature’s fury.

Florida Water – Numa Perrier from D. Dortch on Vimeo.


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Photo: Numa Perrier

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