Simone Missick is bringing Detective Misty Knight to Marvel’s Iron Fist. The new was announced Friday at San Diego Comic-Con with the news of the show’s renewal.

It has been teased that she’ll team up with (Jessica Henwick). Wing and Knight are a team in the Marvel Comics called “Daughters of the Dragon.”


Marvel’s head of televison Jeph Loeb said at their Comic-Con panel, “A friend of Colleen Wing’s may be coming by…and that makes me a little Misty.”

Whether we’ll eventually see the superhero version of Misty Knight that was created by Tony Isabella and Arvell Jones in the comic book version, remains to be seen. For those unaware, according to the Marvel lore, Misty was seriously injured preventing a bomb attack back when she was a police officer with the NYPD. Her right arm was amputated and rather than take a desk job, she resigned from the police force. Tony Stark (Iron Man) provided her a bionic arm which endowed her superhuman strength. She’s been affiliated with Iron Fist, and of course Luke Cage (and other Marvel superheroes). As we’ve seen in Luke Cage so far, she’s a detective. Misty Knight’s comic book skills include superhuman strength, to start. She’s been romantically linked to Iron Fist as well in the comics.

Missick recurs as Knight in the upcoming Marvel’s The Defenders, which premiers next month, and will return as a star in Luke Cage.