“Sin Alas,” from director Ben Chace is a a Cuban love story as recollected by a retired journalist, about his relationship with a celebrated ballerina, who has now died. When 70-year-old retired journalist Luis Vargas reads that celebrated ballerina Isabela Muñoz has died, his thoughts return to his brief, passionate, yet impossible relationship with her. It’s a love story with great music and lots of local color, that comes timed almost perfectly with the normalization of relations between the USA and Cuba.

Filmed on 16mm, “Sin Alas” (which means “Without Wings” in English) is inspired by Jose Luis Borges’s short story “The Zahir,” and is also said to be the first American film to be shot in Cuba in 50+ Years. And now New Yorkers who haven’t already seen it, will get to do so because it’s received a one-week exclusive engagement at the Metrograph theaters opening on May 4.

The film stars Carlos Padrón and Yulisleyvís Rodrigues.

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Check out a trailer below: