It has been officially revealed that the racist film Song of the South, currently in the Disney vault, will not be on its new streaming service, Disney+.

While this film, in particular, will not be on the platform, other movies with racist or problematic scenes such as Dumbo and Toy Story 2 will be edited.

Earlier this year, Disney head Robert Iger said that the “entire Disney motion picture library” will soon become part of the streaming service. At that time, we wondered if this included films like Song of the South and Dumbo. Disney did not respond to our request for comment for that story.

Still, we aren’t sure what exactly is, or rather what was, in the Disney Vault. The vault did include Dumbo, which has a racist scene with crows that will not be in the Disney+ version. TechCrunch stated that Song of the South, which has been described as depicting a master-slave relationship, wasn’t in the vault.

Disney+ will officially debut on November 12.



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Photo: Disney

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