South African film sales company, AAA Entertainment, has announced a US distribution deal with Netflix for the South African action-romance “Hard to Get” from first-time feature director Zee Ntuli, and producers Junaid Ahmed and Helena Spring – the first of a slate of films from the producing pair which they say will showcase the talent of previously marginalized black filmmakers in South Africa.

The film tells the story of TK, a handsome young womanizer from a small community who falls for a sexy, reckless young thief named Skiets. Thrust into Joburg’s criminal underworld, TK realizes that his best bet is to trust her and hang on for the ride she takes him on.

The action romance “explores the universal theme of love in the very specific context of contemporary South Africa. At its heart, it’s a story of two young South Africans embarking on the universal adventure of falling in love, set against the unpredictable backdrop of Joburg’s criminal underworld,” says the press release.

Pallance Dladla, Thishiwe Ziqubu, Israel Makoe, Paka Zwedala and Jerry Mofokeng star in the film.

Says director Zee Ntuli, “The criminal gauntlet parallels the emotional journey of TK and Skiets, providing a metaphor for how scary falling in love can be. Ultimately it is a hopeful story, one which carries the message that love is worth fighting for.”

Co-producer Helena Spring said, “Junaid and I are thrilled to be launching major new talent with ‘Hard to Get.’ We are incredibly proud of the work that director Zee Ntuli, his team and cast, have delivered. There is already a great deal of buzz around the film and we have no doubt that a bright future awaits them.”

Represented by AAA Entertainment, the action-packed movie will be available for the US market via Netflix’s streaming platform later this year. Netflix only buys from a handful of distributors around the world and so AAA Entertainment subsequently needed to sign a worldwide distribution deal with FilmBuff who, in turn, negotiated the US SVOD rights with Netflix. This is the first deal through FilmBuff and AAA Entertainment who expect many more to come.

Via the deal, “Hard to Get” will also become available on iTunes and other VOD platforms worldwide over the next three months.

AAA Entertainment Head of Sales Mayenzeke Baza says, “AAA Entertainment is the only film sales company out of Africa representing our continents films at film festivals and markets around the world. We are finding new buyers and audiences for African films around the world and excited at this first deal with Netflix for one the films we represent and confident there are many more to come for the tittles in our catalog.”

Pascal Schmitz Head of Acquisitions added, “’Hard to Get’ is a very well made genre film… and we are encouraging African filmmakers to make more films of this nature as they travel well without needing A-list international cast to sell them.”

Trailer below: