Finally! Some good news for those of you who’ve been waiting for several years for actual movement that could lead to the production of a new Spawn movie.

Creator Todd McFarlane has repeatedly teased the potential for a Spawn movie reboot, usually taking to social media to talk to fans directly. And it’s once again via social media that he made this afternoon’s announcement that he’s inked a deal with Blumhouse (the producer of “Get Out”) to bring Spawn back to the big screen. He doesn’t share much detail, but he’s clearly very excited, sharing the news from Comic-Con which just kicked off.

So now we wait for further developments, most especially who will be cast to play Spawn. I doubt it’ll be Michael Jai White again; I’d expect a younger up-and-comer to fill the role, although McFarlane has said that he’s been approached by “Academy Award guys” interested in the part. Jamie Foxx also previously announced that he was “aggressively pursuing” a Spawn movie back in 2013. He gave no further details on that, so we were left with little to go on. But he certainly could be one of the “Academy Award guys” McFarlane refers to. There aren’t exactly many black actors who’ve won Academy Awards – certainly no one young enough to play Spawn; unless it will be an aging Spawn. Recent winners include Mahershala Ali, but McFarlane made the above comment about “Academy Award guys” at least 2 years ago. So Ali couldn’t have been one of the “Academy Award guys” who approached him back then. But thinking about it now, maybe Ali actually wouldn’t be such a bad choice. He’s certainly on a roll right now.

Who would you like to see considered for the part?

In addition, we don’t know what story the film will tell. All we have to go on currently is that McFarlane has promised a grittier, darker, more risque Spawn, so buckle up!

Watch his Facebook video announcement below: