Steve Harvey chats it up with a couple who met online in the latest episode of STEVE on Watch.

In the exclusive clip from the Facebook Watch series, Harvey talks Noelle Bellinghausen and Rian Goins who met through a dating app and are now on the path to marriage. Harvey also gifts them with a surprise. According to the episode description:

It was love at first swipe for Noelle Bellinghausen and Rian Goins who were both ready to find their soulmate when they met on a dating app during the pandemic. The couple opens up about building the foundation of their relationship after overcoming previous heartbreak, before Steve Harvey surprises the pair with a romantic honeymoon!

You can watch the clip below.

The new season of STEVE on Watch will have new episodes throughout February. Hosted by Harvey, the talk show is like a successor to his former television talk show in which he would interview important guests, give life lessons, and entertain the audience with his comedic chops. As the series description states:

Comedian, best-selling author, and Emmy Award-winning host Steve Harvey offers his hilarious and insightful viewpoint on STEVE on Watch. Whether Steve’s sharing his unique perspective on the very real issues affecting his audience, meeting remarkable people and hearing their inspirational stories, getting the true story behind the latest viral sensation, or simply laughing with some of the biggest stars of film, television, and music – you’ll see it all on STEVE on Watch!