The lack of diversity for hair care in Hollywood has been a concern for years with Black talent who often find that stylists do not have the proper knowledge or tools to care for their sacred crowns.

Euphoria actress Storm Reid has partnered with the Dark & Lovely brand and spoke with People to detail the new partnership.

As an avid wearer of braided protective styles, Reid details the “heartbreaking” moment when she realized the lack of diversity for Black hair in the industry. For many, hair is used as a tool of self-expression.

Reid admitted she didn’t always “feel comfortable” experimenting with her natural hair on screen.

“It has been a struggle for me specifically on sets when it comes to the hair disparity and people not just knowing how to deal with Black hair,” she explained. “And, in a way, it feels dehumanizing…when it’s the time for your hair to look nice and there’s nobody on set to be able to help you achieve that. They really just don’t understand Black hair care. It’s disheartening and it’s heartbreaking.”

Reid also shared that her first time in having her hair properly cared for is when film extraordinaire Ava DuVernay selected Kim Kimble as the head stylist.

“I think that changed my life,” the actress shared. “It changed the way I saw that we can have these Black department heads really be there and take care of you.”

She added, “From that point on, unless I have braids and I know how to take care of them myself, I’ve requested on every set to have someone — whether they’re the department head or not — who understands my hair, that cares about Black hair care, that is actually listening to me.”

Euphoria airs weekly on HBO.