Storm Reid became known to many for her role as Meg Murry in Ava DuVernay‘s adaptation of the classic novel A Wrinkle In Time. Shortly after, roles in films such as The Invisible Man and Don’t Let Go followed.

In a recent interview with Variety, the actress got candid about her role as Tyla, the daughter of Idris Elba’s character Robert “Bloodsport” DuBois in The Suicide Squad, as well as what audiences can expect in the second season of the HBO teen drama of Euphoria.

In the interview, Reid disclosed in that bow viral scene in which she curses out Elba.

“It is very intimidating, especially the way you put it, cursing out Idris Elba! It’s all part of the fun of acting, stepping into your character’s shoes and trying to embody a character, but also not neglect your raw emotion as a human being,” Reid said. “They all made me feel comfortable. We had a day of going back and forth. I think the cut that made it into the movie is really darn good and I’m proud of it.”

The A Wrinkle In Time star also disclosed what fans of the HBO show Euphoria can expect for the teen drama’s highly anticipated second season.

“All of my characters have had their moments of breaking free and expressing themselves unabashedly,” Reid said. “I did get to experience a lot of that in Euphoria, where everything is basically high stakes and very emotional — especially in Season 2. I mean, it wasn’t unfamiliar.”

Reid gave more insight into what audiences can expect from her Euphoria character, Gia, the younger sister of Rue Bennett, as played by Zendaya.

“I think when we were filming the first season, Gia was, what, 15? Even though I am 18 now, I don’t think Gia is quite there,” she continued. “But I think she will be evolving as a character and as a human and hopefully get her own episode and we start to see a little bit more of her storyline.”