It’s been nearly five years since Tamar Braxton’s public exit tfrom the Fox daytime talk show The Real. The “Love & War” singer initially blamed her former co-hosts, namely Loni Love, for playing a part in her termination.

Reasons for Braxton’s firing were unclear. Love B. Scott reported that the network felt Braxton was not marketable to viewers. Other rumors involved Braxton bickering with her former co-hosts and the reality star diva being too difficult to work with.

From the beginning, Braxton says she was never given a reason for her termination. A former friend and colleague of Love’s, Cookie Hull, told YouTube’s Comedy Hype that Love wanted Braxton gone, claiming Love sent emails to executives of the show saying the ratings were fine in Braxton’s absence (Braxton went on extended medical leave following several blood clots being found while competing on Dancing with the Stars). Love also reportedly told executives that Braxton was a liability.

Braxton corroborated Hull’s claims with a now-deleted Instagram post that revealed an alleged text message implicating Love in the scandal. The text showed that Hull was named as the friend who gave Braxton a heads up of Love’s alleged involvement.

Love has always denied any involvement and told the hosts of The Breakfast Club that Braxton’s ex-husband and former manager, Vincent Herbert, let her take the fall when he was aware of Braxton’s status on the show. Per Love, Herbert was upset with her for recommending a new manager to Braxton.

Now, Braxton is saying her former network WE Tv, which airs her family reality series, may actually be the one’s responsible. She revealed such to Nene Leakes during a recent episode of her new podcast Under Construction.

“I heard a rumor… allegedly… I didn’t have any answers, nobody had any answers as to what happened, the girls were getting blamed, it was ‘Tamar’s got an attitude problem’, of course all the reality TV storylines were the surface of everything. Do you know that years later, what I had heard through the grapevine what really happened. I heard that that network that I was working with at the time would not sign off, and allowed me and them girls to fall out in public, almost ruined my whole career, my livelihood, everything that I’ve worked for, and never said one time, didn’t say ‘Okay you’re the star of the network, we’re gonna have a meeting with you, we don’t want you to do the show no more.’”

Braxton says WE Tv never had a conversation with her about them not wanting her to participate in The Real.

“At least give me a heads up but no…pulled the plug and ain’t say nothing and allowed Loni to take the fall, Adrienne, Jeannie, Tamera, and myself. We up here battling and fighting as Black girls and they don’t care. Scratching and battling and pointing fingers. We’re not on a reality show, this is real life. When does reality TV stop being reality TV?”

In promoting the episode on Instagram, Braxton wrote in the caption, “This week #underconstruction is so important to me because it’s one of my best girlfriends @neneleakes and everything you wanted to know about reality tv we discuss… no one wants to be messy.. we all want to grow… how else do you glow & grow unless you tell the truth and #stayunderconstruction???? *link in bio* (wetv need they a** beat *allegedly *????)”