(Shadow & Act Exclusive): A movie on the story of Tamir Rice’s fatal shooting at the hands of Cleveland police is in development.

Blue Angel Entertainment and newcomer Nonara Productions along with Samaria Rice, his mother, are developing the film, which is titled, 12: The Tamir Rice Story.

Rice was killed when police claimed to have seen him reach for a gun when it was, in reality, a toy.

Blue Angel Entertainment’s Korstiaan Vandiver and entrepreneur Lionel Ntasano, their team and Ms. Rice have exclusive rights to produce the film, which will be penned by Vandiver, Rice and Danielle Marshay Lee. Vandiver and Lee are set to co-direct.

Samaria Rice says, I’m honored and very grateful to (Korstiaan and Danielle) for believing in me and this legacy for Tamir.”

We are just as honored to have the opportunity to bring this story to life and we are all very excited to start this journey together. Tamir’s narrative is so timely and yet so long overdue,” said Vandiver.

Vandiver is also producing an Anthony Mackie-led drama-thriller film, Underwater. The story follows a Caribbean fisherman fighting for survival after his boat capsizes and he finds himself trapped 150 feet down in the depths of the sea. The film is described as Life of Pi meets Buried. He wrote the script and will also direct the project later this year.