Tyler Perry is famous for pushing out content quickly, shooting full film and television series in just days or weeks. Last year, actress Bresha Webb revealed that the Netflix film A Fall From Grace was completed in just 9 days. 

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Perry has the bandwidth to do so as he writes, produces, and directs all of his projects on his own. Furthermore, his massive studio houses all he needs for a production of any size on the property.

His friend and Empire star Taraji P. Henson recently revealed she filmed Acrimony in just 5 days, beating the A Fall From Grace record. Henson says Perry coached her through the process, filming minimal takes and not having much time as she was simultaneously starring in the FOX musical drama at the same time.

“I filmed my role in Acrimony in FIVE DAYS in the middle of playing Cookie on @Empire!!,” she began in an Instagram post with an accompanying clip from the film. “Tyler Perry told me I could do it, so of course, I believed him . I was soooo afraid I would fail because I had no time to get into character (so I thought)! I learned something new about my instrument on this production. We also had no time for a lot of takes so EVERY scene was about two takes…maybe three and then it was time to move on.”

The 2018 psychological thriller stars Henson as Melinda Moore, a loyal wife who financially supports her husband’s engineering dreams as he washes away the savings her mother left her in an insurance policy. Moore decides to take revenge on her ex-husband Robert Gayle (Lyriq Bent) after she divorces him and he makes it big with a new woman, the same woman he cheated on her with in their teens.

The film grossed $46 million worldwide but received negative reviews from critics. Henson also starred in Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself.