Taraji P. Henson is sitting in the director’s chair for upcoming anthology project, Tell It Like a Woman.

According to Variety, Henson will direct Jennifer Hudson and Pauletta Washington in one of the anthology segments, “Pepcy & Kim.” Written by Catherine Hardwicke, the piece is inspired by Kim Carter, who was once a former addict and used her experience to launch her nonprofit, the Time for Change Foundation, which helps homeless women and children. Along with directing, Henson will also star as Kim and Pepcy.

Iervolino and Tilesi spoke about Henson, Hudson and Washington’s involvement with the project.

“The talents of Taraji, Jennifer and Pauletta are awe-inspiring and on full display in their adaptation of the amazing Kim Carter story,” said Iervolino, according to Variety, calling the actresses “a marvelous compliment” to the filmmakers and actresses attached to the film. “[T]heir sincerity in delivering a ‘must see’ segment is simply moving. We can’t wait to show this film to the world,” she continued.

Tilesi said the film has been in production for nearly six years, and “Pepcy & Kim” couldn’t be a better ending to the film.

“We are honored to have the immense talents of Taraji, Jennifer, and Pauletta, to bring Kim Carter’s powerful story to life,” she said. “This segment reminds us that in life no matter how difficult the circumstance, there is a way to overcome any obstacle. It is so inspiring to see Kim Carter helping women across the United States with her non-profit, The Time for Change Foundation.”

The anthology will feature six other segments telling women’s stories. Others who are attached to the project include Marcia Gay Harden, Cara Delevigne, Eva Longoria, Jacqueline Fernandez, Mipo O, Margherita Buy, Leonor Varela, and Anne Watanabe.

Tell It Like a Woman is the brainchild of film producer Chiara Tilesi’s gender equality nonprofit We Do It Together and Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi’s Iervolino Entertainment.