"Le Gang des Antillais"
“Le Gang des Antillais”

A film I first alerted you to almost a year ago, is finally set to make its world premiere, first in Guyana, in the Caribbean, on October 15, followed by a national release in France, on November 2.

Filmed in Guadeloupe and France, the crime drama is titled “Le Gang des Antillais” (lit. “Gang of West Indians”), and the filmmaker, originally from Guadeloupe and Trinidad & Tobago, is Jean-Claude Barny. Described as “a highly original project” the film tells the story of “four West Indians who arrive in mainland France in the 1970s and soon fall into a life of crime… an uncompromising nose-dive into the disillusioned France of the 1970s.”

A loose adaptation of the novel of the same name by Loïc Léry, an official synopsis reads: Jimmy Larivière is struggling to make ends meet, support his daughter and find his place in society. A meeting and eventual involvement with the Gang des Antillais – a group of idealist crooks – triggers Jimmy’s rebellion, as he gets tangled up in violence, friendship, rivalry and betrayal. A gun in hand, with few options, how can he not become a slave to easy money?

The film’s solid cast includes Djedje Apali, Eriq Ebouaney, Adama Niane, Vincent Vermignon, Djibril Pavade, Zita Hanrot, Jocelyne Béroard, Lucien Jean Baptiste, Romane Bohringer, Mathieu Kassovitz, Julien Courbey, and Karim Belkhadra.

Eric Ebouaney may be the most familiar to readers in the west, given his strong performance in Raoul Peck’s “Lumumba” many years ago. Many of you many also be familiar with writer/actor/director Mathieu Kassovitz (“La Haine,” “Amelie” and more).

Director Jean-Claude Barny directed from a script he adapted along with Philippe Bernard, Thomas Cheysson and Yves Nilly.

The project is produced by Les Films d’Ici, in collaboration with Special Touch Studio, Anaphi Studios and Lizland Films.

The film will be distributed in French theatres by Happiness Distribution.

This is Jean-Claude Barny’s second feature film.

A first teaser (emphasis on teaser) for the film has been released today; watch it below.