Apparently, That’s So Raven seems to have called R. Kelly out 15 years ago on the predatory behavior towards underage girls that he has been accused of, and no one seemed to notice until one very perceptive person tweeted about it this week as people are revisiting the show on Disney+.

A Twitter user uploaded video from the Season 2 That’s So Raven episode “There Goes the Bride,” in which Raven Baxter (Raven Symoné) tries to keep her boyfriend Devon (Jonathan McDaniel) from wearing what she thinks is a wedding ring. Through a series of events, she ends up posing as the bride of Devon’s father (Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs). The comedy of errors is that Raven is trying to declare her love for Devon to his father, but instead, it looks as if Devon’s dad is marrying Raven as a child bride. When Raven says she’s only 15, someone in the crowd appears to whisper, “Who is this? R. Kelly?” As you would expect, the tweet has since gone viral.

Another Twitter user seems to have figured out that the person saying the R. Kelly line was likely Raven’s friend Eddie (Orlando Brown).

Jokes about R. Kelly have been around for years, but it’s incredible to realize that even a children’s show like That’s So Raven addressed the singer’s accused transgressions. Surviving R. Kelly, the dream hampton docuseries for Lifetime, also sheds light on the accusations.




‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Executive Producer dream hampton: ‘I’m At War With R. Kelly’

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