Based on the late Kings of Comedy legend’s real-life experiences, The Bernie Mac Show was a beloved sitcom that ran on Fox from 2001 to 2006. The series followed a fictional version of Bernie and his wife Wanda, who took in their nieces, Bryanna and Vanessa, as well as their nephew, Jordan, when Bernie’s sister could no longer care for them. Thrown headfirst into parenthood, Bernie takes a step back from his career to try his hand (rather hilariously) at raising the three children. 

It has been nearly 15 years since the show ended. Here’s where the cast is now.

Bernie Mac

A comedic icon and legend, before The Bernie Mac Show, the Chicago-born comedian was known for his roles in LifeThe Player’s Club, Guess Who, and countless others. When Then Bernie Mac Show ended, fans were excited to know what Mac would do next. Sadly, he was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, an illness that often attacks the lungs. He passed away at age 50 on August 9, 2008, from complications with pneumonia.

Kellita Smith

Smith starred as Wanda, Bernie’s powerhouse AT&T Vice President wife, who does her best to adjust to motherhood. A Chicago-native like Mac, Smith, shared a strong friendship with the comedian even off-camera. Following The Bernie Mac Show, Smith has starred on Z Nation and In the Cut. Most recently, she’s starred in the TV mini-series, Conspiracy X: Reloaded.

Camille Winbush

On The Bernie Mac Show, Winbush portrayed Vanessa, the eldest of the siblings, who was quick to push her aunt and uncle to the limit as she navigated her new life in LA and teenhood. Following The Bernie Mac Show, Winbush starred on ABC Family’s The Secret Life of an American Teenager. Up next, the 30-year-old will be seen in the film, The Jury and the sci-fi TV series, FraXtur.

Jeremy Suarez

On Bernie Mac, Suarez played the nerdy middle child, Jordan, who often gave his uncle a run for his money, especially as Bernie began teaching him how to “be a man.” Since Bernie Mac, Suarez has been doing a ton of voice acting. He will also be seen soon in the romantic comedy, M.D. is for Mr. Doula opposite Daphne Reid and Larenz Tate. 

Dee Dee Davis

On the sitcom, Davis played Bryanna, Bernie’s precious “Baby Girl.” Bryanna was spoiled and adored but Bernie and Wanda, though she secretly terrorized her brother. Since Bernie Mac ended, Davis has had some smaller roles, but her focus these days is on her young son. Davis, Suarez, and Winbush have remained extremely close since the series ended. 


Photo: Fox