Soap star Kiara Barnes is having a The Bold and the Beautiful reunion with her former co-star Adain Bradley in the Fantasy Island reboot series.

SoapHub reports that Barnes will play Ruby, a 75-year-old woman diagnosed with terminal cancer who goes to Fantasy Island to have one last exciting vacation with her husband Mel, played by Bradley. On The Bold and the Beautiful, Bradley played Xander Avant, the ex-boyfriend of Barnes’ Zoe Buckingham.

“They’re 75 [years old]. Ruby is dying from cancer but she doesn’t necessarily want to undergo the treatments which can be difficult on her body,” said Barnes to SoapHub. “Her last wish is to come to the island and feel good again and have fun with her husband. They get turned into their 20-year-old selves and while she’s there, she gets more life lessons–ones that she didn’t process when she was younger. I’ve learned so much playing Ruby. This has been such a sweet opportunity.”

She also addressed the unexpected soap opera reunion with Bradley.

“It was a total coincidence,” she said. “It’s funny because [Bradley] was helping me with my audition. He was reading on the other side of the camera [when I did my tape]. Then, he ended up getting the part [of Mel]. We fell back into our chemistry [so well] because we’d worked together before. I’d missed working with him.”

It is unknown if Bradley will make appearances beyond the pilot but Barnes is one of the series’ main stars.

Fantasy Island debuted this Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on FOX.