The murder of one of Atlanta’s fashionable elite puts detectives on a path toward figuring out the surprising culprit in the latest episode of The Real Murders of Atlanta.

The second season of Oxygen’s popular true crime show has continued to bring fans the intricacies of Atlanta’s most gripping criminal tales, and the episode airing tonight, “Crime of Fashion,” will showcase the underside of Atlanta’s fashion scene, as seen in the exclusive clip below. According to the description:

When a rising star in Atlanta’s fashion scene is murdered, detectives must determine if the shooting is related to a business deal gone bad or is it a personal vendetta? The team cracks the case and are shocked when they discover the mastermind.

The Real Murders of Atlanta talks with the investigators and people connected to the cases to learn more about the harrowing tales that have hit Atlanta. According to the show’s description:

Season two is laser-focused on those with a direct connection to the cases, including the investigators, witnesses, journalists and loved ones of the victims. Each episode features a story unique to Atlanta, where the convergence of the technology, entertainment and music industries have brought fame and wealth to the forefront sometimes followed by very deadly consequences.

The Real Murders of Atlanta airs Fridays at 9/8c on Oxygen.