The official trailer for the second season of The Real World Homecoming has been released by Paramount+ and MTV Entertainment Studios.

The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles will premiere on Nov. 24. The cast includes actress and former Basketball Wives star and alum, Tami Roman, who starred in the original show. Also returning are Irene Berrera-Kerns, Glen Naessens, Beth Anthony, Jon Brennan, Beth Stolarcyzk and David Edwards.

What happens when people stop being polite and start getting real? Spouses come over and potential hell breaks loose. Tami Roman has always been a straight shooter and minces words for no one. When she tells her castmate her infamous phrase “You about to piss me off,” it’s no telling what’s about to happen.

A clip shows a melee from the ’90s and in the next scene, you see her placing a call to her husband Reggie and him arriving at the house seeking out David. What has David done?

Other castmates feel that there will be no arguing or drama, but the cameras show that although nearly three decades have passed, time doesn’t always heal wounds or change individuals and their reactions.

The Real World curated what we know as reality TV today. The season made history with “confessional” style interviews, cast members exiting mid-season with new houseguests moving in, a wedding and more.

The series also used its platform to address eating disorders, same-sex relationships, abortion and consent, which are some of the very issues that are on the table for discussion now.

Watch the trailer below: