For singers on The Voice, choosing a judge as their mentor is a critical decision. Whether the singers rely on the judges’ experience, the singers’ personal connection to judges or sheer respect, the selection is well thought out. For Libianca, her choice in mentorship came in the form of “a sign from God,” she says.

During the Blind Auditions on Monday’s episode Ariana Grande gushed over Libianca. The 20-year old astonished the coaches with her rendition of SZA’s “Good Days.”

“I’m obsessed with you,” Grande raved. “I’m freaking out, I really hope you pick me. You’re so good, you’re so beautiful, I’m obsessed.”

Blake Shelton’s approach lacked the pomp and pageantry Grande displayed causing the other coaches to laugh. Shelton simply stated, “I’m obviously the coach for you.”

Libianca asked Shelton to expound upon his pitch. Shelton, not missing a beat, told Libianca, “Yeah, I’m the country guy, but you know what? I’ve won this show with all different kinds of artists.”

“The coach and artist relationship is about whatever I can do that can help you be the best at whatever you want to be,” he continued. “That’s my job. I’d be honored to be your coach.”

Libianca toyed with the idea of other coaches before announcing she would choose Shelton. “I asked God to give me a sign, and somebody said something that gave me that sign.” Libianca shocked the world when she selected Team Blake.

Libianca shared backstage that it was Shelton’s parting words that made her choose his team. Libianca shared with Carson Daly, “I have a feeling that Blake is gonna be the one to really just help me do my thing.”

On stage, the coaches joked in disbelief, with Grande stating that she could not talk about it yet and Legend jokiing that “God was speaking to our cowboy.”

Watch Libianca’s blind audition below: