Third Annual Lexus Short Films Series
Lexus Short Films Series

In 2015, Lexus and film/TV production house The Weinstein Company announced the return of the annual Lexus Short Films series (as a way to support a new generation of emerging filmmakers) – but with a new twist. For the first time ever, the Lexus Short Films series opened itself up to submissions from aspiring directors worldwide. Beginning July 15, 2015, emerging filmmakers were asked to submit a short film of 20 minutes or less as an example of their past work for consideration through, in collaboration with Withoutabox.

The initiative was relaunched with the theme “Anticipation.” Filmmakers were invited to interpret the meaning of the word for their own narrative and to tell a story based around their vision. Submissions were accepted through October 25th, 2015. Four finalists were then selected and announced during the closing ceremonies of the Napa Valley Film Festival on November 15, 2015. Production of the films began in December 2015, as the four finalists now had to direct short films produced by, and received first look deals courtesy of The Weinstein Company. The films would receive promotional theatrical distribution, as well as participate in a tour of top film festivals around the world to promote their films. Filmmakers also received an at-home filmmaking and editing suite.

Select regions hosted premiere events and filmmaker panels for each film at top short film festivals starting in June 2016. The filmmakers then returned to the 2016 Napa Valley Film Festival in November, where all four films were shown together for the first time in a world premiere event.

Following their travels, the films are now all online and available to watch for free. And of the four, with respect to this blog’s interests, there’s “Game,” written and directed by Jeannie Donohoe, which centers on a new kid at a high school boys’ basketball tryouts who instantly makes an impression, and asks whether talent and drive will be enough to make the team.

A bit cryptic, so you’ll have to watch the film to get the whole story.

“Game’s” cast includes Rick Fox, Charles Parnell, Nicole Williams, Dominique Columbus, and Josh David.

Watch “Game” below. To watch the other 3 winning films, click here: