All American star Simeon Othello Daise has been acting since he was a child, but his child acting career has largely gone unnoticed. Thankfully, a viral Tik Tok video has educated fans on the groundbreaking show Daise starred in during his youth.

TikTok user @ms10cents made a video about how Daise’s “glow-up” has been overlooked by fans who are raving about the glow-up of another former child star on All American, Noah Gray-Cabey, who plays Frausto on the series. Gray-Cabey originally got his start as Franklin on My Wife and Kids.

Simeon, on the other hand, starred on the ’90s Nick Jr. show Gullah Gullah Island as Simeon, the child of his real-life parents and actors Ron and Natalie Daise.


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Daise talked about what it was like to star on Gullah Gullah Island to VoyageATL in 2018.

“I was only five months old when my family and I began filming Gullah Gullah Island. I had a job before I could count money. I understood what it meant to be committed to something before I could spell it out,” he said. “The time in which Gullah Gullah Island was on Nickelodeon was pivotal; not only for the Gullah Geechee culture but for the African-American family, which is something I have grown to appreciate even more in my adulthood.”

“Shows like that did not exist at that time; where the Black family could see a mirror of themselves on a national children’s television show on a network as big as Nickelodeon,” he continued. “I’m honored to have been a part of my parents’ dream for our people and it inspired me; their drive to tell our story, our way.”

Daise has also been on BET’s American Soul and The Bobby Brown Story