Three Women, which was canceled by Showtime even before its first season aired, has found a new home at Starz,

According to The Hollywood Reporter. the drama, which stars DeWanda Wise, Blair Underwood, Shailene Woodley and Betty Gilpin will be brought back to life at Starz after being proposed to several other streaming services and networks, including Prime Video and HBO.

Similar to HBO Max’s culling of shows after the arrival of new management, Showtime gained new exec Chris McCarthy after David Nevins left Paramount Global. McCarthy has since announced rebranding Showtime to Paramount+ With Showtime and, according to THR, has made it clear his emphasis on creating and supporting franchise projects. This led Three Women to find a new home.

Speaking of HBO Max, Starz has also acquired HBO Max-cancelled series Minx. This cancellation was particularly salacious because the show had already been greenlit for a second season and was nearly finished with production before the series was axed from the network.

Three Women follows, as the title suggests, three women who are encouraged to share their life stories. Wise plays Sloane, “a glamorous entrepreneur in a committed open marriage until two sexy new strangers threaten their aspirational love story.”

The description continues:

THREE WOMEN is an intimate, haunting portrayal of American female desire, in which three women are on a crash course to radically overturn their lives. In addition to Sloane, there is Lina, a homemaker in suburban Indiana who is a decade into a passionless marriage when she embarks on an affair that quickly becomes all-consuming and transforms her life, and Maggie, a student in North Dakota who weathers an intense storm after accusing her married English teacher of an inappropriate relationship. Gia (Woodley), a writer grieving the loss of her family, persuades each of these three spectacular “ordinary” women to tell her their stories, and her relationships with them change the course of her life forever.