For a good while now, folks on Black Twitter have been avidly campaigning that Tracee Ellis Ross should play Ms. Frizzle in a live-action version of The Magic School Bus. 

Well, on Friday, Ross herself chimed in on the matter, and it seems like she’s with it as well!

However, those who want this to happen may be disappointed at what’s going down if they don’t know already.

Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon is already set to portray Ms. Frizzle in a revival of the show for Netflix. But still, this isn’t a live-action version, it’ll be animated.

So, if there is hope left for a live-action reboot of the famed cartoon, please, let Tracee take her rightful seat as the driver.

In a sit-down with Entertainment Weekly, she spoke out more about the reactions she saw on Twitter and how she loved them. She also says, as recommended by someone on Twitter, she’d be down for Rashida Jones directing as well.