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Pyramide Distribution

“The Empty Box” (“La Caja Vacia”) is a new feature film by Claudia Sainte-Luce, which stars Sainte-Luce, Jimmy Jean-Louis and Pablo Sigal in a story about a 60 year old Haitian native named Toussaint (played by Jean-Louis), who goes to live with Jazmin (Sainte-Luce), his 30 year old daughter in Mexico City, due to his health condition. Toussaint is a man who wasn’t able to take root in any of the places he lived. He was not a loving father and he is a complete stranger to Jazmín. Through this compelled cohabitation, Toussaint will put together the puzzle of his past with his remaining memories and Jazmín will be able to forgive and move on with her own life.

Tripe-threat Sainte-Luce directed the film from her own script.

Producers are Christian Kregel and Lola Ovando.

Executive producers are Kregel, Alina Uribe, Eric Lagesse, and Jimmy Jean-Louis.

Jim Star is associate producer.

“The Empty Box” toured the international film festival circuit, with stops at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival, 21st Busan International Film Festival, Festa del cinema di Roma, and the Mar del Plata International Film Festival.

The film was released in France in March of this year under the title “Jazmin et Toussaint” (hence the above poster) via Pyramide Distribution. But no word of how wide it’ll travel. Certainly no news of a USA acquisition.

What we do have is a trailer for what looks like a quiet, heartwarming drama about a father reconciling with his daughter during what may be his final years. The trailer is thankfully English subtitled.