We now have a trailer for the documentary about the rise and fall of Jay-Z and Kanye West, ordered bu The UK’s Channel 4

Titled Public Enemies: Jay-Z v Kanye, it is produced by ACME Films and will feature home video, unseen footage and exclusive interviews from those who know the rap duo the best. “It’s a tale of creativity versus commerce, inner-city deprivation versus suburban aspiration, of right versus left. And it reveals an even bigger story of how race, wealth and celebrity are shaping modern America,” reads a description in its press release.

“Arguably two of the coolest and most influential artists in the world, their incredible life stories offer a fascinating new twist on the American dream. These are two mega-personalities whose success and rivalry has captured the public’s imagination,” said Rob Coldstream, Commissioning Editor, Special Factual.

“In the process of building their empires, Jay-Z and Kanye have provided a spine tingling soundtrack for a generation. Their story goes beyond their music and has opened up discussions on everything from class barriers to mental health,” said Nico Wasserman.

Public Enemies: Jay-Z v Kanye will air Monday, July 31 at 10 p.m.

Watch the trailer below: