REVOLT to Premiere Compelling New Documentary from Former Clipse Member No Malice on March 27

REVOLT TV will premiere "The End of Malice," a new film that shares the untold story of hip-hop star and former Clipse member Gene Thornton’s journey from "Malice" to "No Malice," on Sunday, March 27 at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

Immediately following will be the debut of No Malice’s new single from "The End of Malice" soundtrack, "Best Believe It."

Featuring commentary from Malice’s brother and fellow Clipse member, Pusha T, as well as his close friend, Pharrell Williams, "The End of Malice" gives never-before-seen insight into Clipse’s successful rise as pioneers of the hip-hop subgenre, "coke-rap," and Malice’s abrupt departure from it all that left fans wanting.

In 2002, the brother duo Clipse dropped on the music scene, reverberating out of Virginia Beach teaming up with The Neptunes’ super producers Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo.

"I feel Clipse was so good because the way we were able to paint pictures and to articulate our stories and lifestyles. And all of the hustlers gravitated toward our music because they knew those guys were talking from a very close vantage point," No Malice says in the film. "We were very influential on impressionable minds. I pretty much could say anything and you’re going to have those that followed blindly."

Clipse quickly rose to prominent fame and became the centerpieces in a storm of sudden stardom.

"There’s no college course for dealing with fame and success," said Pharrell in "The End of Malice." "But when you’re given a cocktail like that … you’re supposed to sip slow."

But despite the tremendous success Malice achieved, he was left questioning the significance and value of his pursuits in the music industry. Just as the group reached the pinnacle of success in 2010, a breaking point occurred and Malice chose to leave it all, professionally separating from his brother to begin a new chapter in his music and forever be known as "No Malice."

"I don’t regret the music or the catalog of my group, but that’s only because it has given me a place to not only tell part of the truth but to tell the entire story," said No Malice.

"The End of Malice," a collaboration of Second Films and Ditoremayo Entertainment, is a first-person narrative of an artist confronting the dualities of fame and family, success in the dope game, and the demanding world of mainstream music.

Immediately after the premiere on Sunday, March 27 at 10 p.m. ET7 p.m. PT on REVOLT TV, the music video for No Malice’s new single, "Best Believe It," from "The End of Malice" official soundtrack, "Movin’ Weight," will debut. "Movin’ Weight" features original music from No Malice and a cast of talented writers and musicians including Grammy award-winning songwriter and vocalist, Crystal Nicole. The soundtrack is available for pre-order release exclusively through iTunes on March 18.

To watch the premiere of "The End of Malice," tune-in to REVOLT TV nationally on DIRECTV channel 384 as well as AT&T U-Verse TV, Time Warner Cable, Comcast Xfinity, Verizon FiOS, CenturyLink Prism TV and Suddenlink as well as OTT platforms fuboTV and KlowdTV. Check local listings at

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